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Our Team

Fueling the self-expression of millions can’t be done alone. It takes a dedicated team intent on shifting the way brands treat their customers.

We’ve created an environment where everyone feels comfortable showing their true selves.

Together, we are redefining expectations, forging thoughtful connections, and putting our egos aside to empower each other to do our best work. MeUndies is buzzing with excitement and passion everyday and we’re so excited for you to join in on the fun.

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Core Values

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Employee Spotlights

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Jonathan Shokrian
Founder & CEO
"The team and culture at MeUndies is a big part of what makes us so special. We collaborate well and have fun together, which directly translates to the experience we give our customers. It’s a privilege to continue growing our team with top talent."
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Ellen Sweeney
VP, People Operations
"MeUndies culture is created by and centered around our team and the needs that make them tick. We strive to provide a culture that makes our team feel motivated."
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Greg Fass
Senior Brand Manager
"It’s rare to have such a buy-in around a greater brand vision, but it’s clear that none of us come to work just to sell underwear. Everyone in this office puts so much heart into the work they do because they believe that we’re helping people celebrate their true identities."
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Kristen Johnson
Senior Director of Analytics & Consumer Insights
"Being a leader at MeUndies means taking initiative and being entrepreneurial - and encouraging your team members to do the same!"
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Meagan Yip
Manager, Growth Strategy
"I’m given lots of learning opportunities and am surrounded by passionate supportive teammates. I'm comfortable enough to be my true self here, and that has proven tremendous value for my professional growth."
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Leah Haile
Senior UX Designer
"Some of my favorite projects have been cross-functional efforts! When the team commits to a no-ego attitude we’re able to challenge each other constructively and open ourselves up to learn from each other’s expertise. Working collaboratively across the business helps to ensure that we’re creating well-rounded experiences that consider a variety of perspectives."
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